We put the needs of our clients first because true excellence demands nothing less.


Before we ask “what” to design, we first ask “how,” as in “how can this project fulfill the goals of the developer or builder, and how do we reach those goals with efficiency and quality?” We also ask how our work can be a catalyst for future development and inspires future growth. It is in this way Spina O’Rourke + Partners has leveraged our unique blend of in-depth knowledge, decades of hands-on experience, and our reputation as an industry leader to consistently deliver long-term value.

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Deciding the best use for land and buildings means taking a careful look at the past, present, and future. We provide specialized research, market analysis, demographic insight, and various economic, environmental, or other studies to help inform our choices and recommendations.

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Across all types of real estate and all architectural styles, there is a discipline that comes from optimizing space for a specific purpose. We take great pride in our ability to listen and understand desired outcomes, and translate that into built solutions that matter. 

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During our Conceptual Design and Schematic Design phases, we present the future appearance and functionality of the space, always keeping stated project goals in mind, and always with an open mindset towards constructive feedback. As decisions are made, we refine schedules, finalize costs, and deliver plans to be executed at the project site.

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One of the key advantages to working with Spina O’Rourke + Partners is that we provide our clients we provide all necessary blueprints, site plans, and other important documentation to turn our designs into reality. This includes coordinating with all disciplines, contractors, and consultants prior to acquiring permits in order to limit unnecessary delays or unexpected expenses. 
We also develop a Quality Control procedure specific to each project, which reviews all drawings and plans prior to permitting to allow for adjustments that will improve final outcomes.


Our extensive experience across all sectors of development gives us unique insight into the process by which our buildings and properties take shape. We offer unmatched insight when it comes to navigating the many tasks that must align properly to insure success. Our reputation amongst builders is one of respect, and our applied knowledge is trusted amongst those in the construction field, which improves the entire design-build process from start to finish

Our commitment to grow and evolve to meet our clients’ needs is also a commitment to continually attract new designers and visionaries to our team.

Interior Insights

People interact with spaces through a mosaic of color, texture, form, and light. Our skill lies in striking a balance between those characteristics that creates meaning.

Our experiences and memories are both influenced heavily by our senses. Outstanding interior design recognizes this by crafting multiple points of contact within a given space so that each individual can find something relatable or engaging. This talent for multi-dimensional expression is what sets Spina O’Rourke + Partners apart and elevates our projects to their highest levels. 

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